What does all-in-one monitoring mean?

Non-invasive jacketed external telemetry technology that enables concomitant monitoring of both respiratory and cardiovascular systems has been available and is now widely used in non-rodent species.

This is now a reality in small mammals, rodents or not, from 150 g up to 3 kgs.

With the DECRO solution, you’ll have access to the combined monitoring of 2 essential physiological functions, coupled with the assessment of spontaneous activity level of your animals, with one single system.

The simultaneous recording of these 3 biosignals (cardiac, respiratory and activity) in the same animal during an experiment helps to provide useful information to finely interpret the heart and/or the respiratory rates changes. Due to the strong positive relationship between activity and cardiorespiratory system, any increase or decrease in the activity level of your animal will have a direct effect on heart and respiratory rates. This will effectively and continuously be recorded by the solution.

Physiological parameters calculated

Biosignals Cardiac Respiratory Activity

Example of a all-in-one monitoring view on an animal at rest

The figure above displays in an all-in-one monitoring view, the three biosignals acquired simultaneously on a rat. From top to bottom, raw ECG data (lead II configuration ECG) with calculated heart rate, respiratory signals with calculated respiratory rate and activity level are recorded during a resting phase from an adult Sprague Dawley male rat, dressed with DECRO jacket.

Other applications