What does all-in-one monitoring mean?

This means you have access to the combined monitoring of 2 essential physiological functions, coupled with the activity level of your animals, with one single system.

The simultaneous recording of these 3 biosignals (cardiac, respiratory and activity) in the same animal during an experiment provides useful information in order to finely interpret heart and respiratory rates changes.

Due to the close relation between activity and cardiorespiratory system, any increase or decrease in the activity level of your animal will have direct effect on heart and respiratory rates.


  • Respiratory Cycle Time
  • Respiratory rate (bpm)
  • Tidal volume
  • Inspiration – Expiration time
  • Minute Volume


  • R peaks detection
  • R-R intervals (mS)
  • Heart Rate (bpm)


  • Movements intensity (mG)

Example of a all-in-one monitoring view on an animal at rest

The figure above displays in an all-in-one monitoring view, the three biosignals recorded simultaneously on a rat. From top to bottom, raw ECG data (lead II configuration ECG) with calculated heart rate, respiratory signals with calculated respiratory rate and activity level are recorded during a resting phase from an adult Sprague Dawley male rat, dressed with DECRO jacket.