Etisense support research teams in fighting COVID-19

COVID-19 is a newly emerging virus leading to dramatic medical conditions in many people, all around the world. To fight this pandemic, there is no other choice than intensifying research to increase the level of knowledge about the disease physiopathology in human, but probably also in animal models. Not every animal is susceptible to the virus, and those that are may not show signs of disease. While the most appropriate model is probably the non-human-primate, other animals such as Syrian hamster or ferrets are expected to be good candidates to study disease progression or working on vaccines or treatments.

External telemetry jacket for cardiorespiratory measures

At ETISENSE, we are committed in contributing to the COVID-19 fight with our product DECRO, the Telemetric Connected Jacket that monitors simultaneously cardiac and respiratory functions in freely-moving laboratory animals

When looking at improving knowledge on physiopathology and evaluate the virus potential impact on cardiac and respiratory function of infected individuals, an all-in-one solution, simple and rapid to set-up could be helpful.

Today available in rats, we are able to customize jackets to fit with your required alternative species.

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