Webinar Replay 28-10-21

REPLAY WEBINAR – Pharmacological validation of an external telemetry system (DECRO®) in freely-moving, socially-housed rats

Do not miss the opportunity to catch up the new results with the decro connected jacket!

Etisense has organised a webinar co-hosted by Timothé Flénet, PhD, CEO and Scientific Director of Etisense and Stéphane Baudet, DVM, PhD, Principal Scientist and Head of the Safety Pharmacology group at Charles River Safety Assessment Lyon, on the 28th of October.

During this webinar, several topics have been discussed such as:

  • Safety Pharmacology endpoints in Toxicology studies
  • Feedback on the use of a rat connected jacket in an industrial environment
  • Performance of a non-invasive connected jacket to perform cardiorespiratory measurements
  • Example of instrumental validation of the solution
  • Insights of the DECRO solution 
  • Animal use reduction and refinement / 3Rs

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