Telemetric Jacket for cardiorespiratory monitoring in freely-moving animals

In preclinical research, animal welfare is a major foundation for relevant and high-quality data. Due to limited technology features in biomedical research, animal welfare can be impaired leading to poor-quality and irrelevant scientific data. Therefore, there is a growing interest in developing new technologies that are able to deliver satisfactory outcomes for both ethical and scientific needs in widely used species in biomedical research such as rats.

DECRO is the next generation telemetric device to monitor cardiac and respiratory function, specifically designed for small animals. DECRO is composed of a unique connected jacket embedding respiratory inductive plethysmography (RIP) sensors and protecting the ECG electrodes, a high-performance Bluetooth emitter and a plug & play, small footprint acquisition server, on which is executed LASA, our proprietary software.

decro solution
hamster doing exercice in the wheel

Animal welfare benefits and impact on 3R guidance

DECRO supports the implementation of the 3Rs principles:

  • Reduce: More parameters can be available from a single animal. This can help reduce the number of animals used for an experimental plan.
  • Refine: The absence of surgery provides important benefit for animals in terms of welfare.

“Good animal welfare is not only ethically right, but is good science.”

Optimise ressources in lab

Laboratory resources savings

  • With no surgery, animals do not require a post-operative recovery period, they are therefore immediately usable for experimental measurements.  
  • As there is no need to perform surgery, there is no need neither to keep human resources well trained in experimental surgery. This can provide a noticeable advantage in resources’ management in a Lab.

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