Acquisition and Analysis Software

Your data in realtime, remotely and without setup

Our LASA software is the cornerstone of the solution that will help you at every stage of the process of acquiring, organizing, analyzing your data and store them for later exportation. LASA records physiological signals from the sensors, includes smart automatic algorithms to pre-detect cardiac and respiratory cycles, and calculates physiological parameters such as cardiac or respiratory rates. The software gives you a full control on data processing with display at every stage of the analysis and capability to export raw data and/or analyzed parameters and events.

We aim at offering a plug-and-play experience without harassing setup or license management on every user’s computer. To do so, we have developed a unique architecture based on modern web technologies with proprietary software LASA developed by ETISENSE directly installed in an acquisition server. Just connect your PC to the local network, start your web browser, connect to the acquisition server address and enjoy a modern and user-friendly software.

Acquisitions features

  • Emitters remote control and battery gauge

    LASA Software controls the Start & Stop of the emitters by Bluetooth and displays the battery gauge.

  • Real time display and markers

    Physiological signals acquired are shown in real time and you can activate basic parameters (RR, HR, ...) calculation for monitoring purposes. You can enter markers during the acquisition to store events for later analysis.

  • Scheduled recording

    Avoid staying at the lab to start and stop measurement for several hours. With LASA, automatic recording can be programmed at specific times.

  • Remote access from local network

    You are able, depending on your IT internal rules and local network setup, to control the acquisitions remotely, from your office for example.

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Data organization and processing features

Data management

  • Create protocols, groups and subjects

    You can pre-configure in advance your experimental groups (control, treated ....) and subjects and your experimental plan to save time in the lab.

  • Automatic data organization

    Stay focus on the animal instead of naming files and configuring stuffs. When you start an acquisition just select the animal and your setup. The data recorded will be automatically organized.

  • Traceability

    The metadata previously entered (weight, animal id, etc…) and the hardware used for acquisition are bound to the recordings. They are included in exported files to help enforcing traceability.

Data processing

  • Automatic respiratory and cardiac cycles detection

    LASA provides automatic algorithms to detect cardiac and respiratory cycles. Detected cycles are shown on the signals and can be exported.

  • Physiological parameters calculation

    Physiological parameters such as heart rate are calculated for each cycle detected and displayed in the interface.

  • Keep the control on data

    Raw data are stored in non proprietary format and remain available at any time. Signals, detected events and parameters calculated can be displayed at the same time for review/control purpose.

Open and evolutive

  • Data exportation in non proprietary format

    Data acquired and analysed with LASA can be exported in various format : xls, csv, hdff5 or wav for further analysis. Export can be configured to include : physiological signals, detected cycles and calculated parameters.

  • Spreadsheet Export

    The spreadsheets exported by the software have been designed to facilitate analysis with filtering data and averaging. They let you easily customize statistics and analysis.

  • Extended functionnalities and parameters available

    As long as new functionalities become available, you may be willing to upgrade your system. LASA proprietary software is built to facilitate these upgrades installation, remotely.