Bluetooth emitter

The emitter contains the electronic that collects the biosignals (ECG, Trunk volume changes and X,Y,Z acceleration), and the last generation of Bluetooth low energy radio module to transfer data. The energy comes from a removable and rechargeable battery pack. We have made all efforts to miniaturize the electronic and to minimize the weight supported by the animal without making trade-off on signal’s quality.

Both the emitter and jacket have been thought in collaboration with an industrial designer to make sure they fit well together and the assembly is comfortable for the animal. Emitter weight does not exceed 15 grams to maintain the normal behavior of animals.


High performance Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Continuous or scheduled mode

  • No interference allowing several devices in the same cage

  • Transmission range up to 10m in open field

Main features

  • 2 electrodes ECG – 24 bits

  • Inductive Plethysmography – 32 bits

  • Activity index – 16bits

  • Rechargeable and replaceable batteries

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