The DECRO® solution combines the monitoring of 3 physiological parameters at the same time in one single animal. This enables you to conduct a great variety of studies, with the same instrument, from the area of research and education to the area of safety pharmacology and toxicology. 

Fields of applications

Research & Education

Physiology, physiopathology or longitudinal studies

  • Cardiac, respiratory, neurological pathology
  • Metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity)
  • Fragile models not tolerant of implantation surgery
  • Exercise
  • Monitoring of vitals on waking up from surgery and in the cage
  • Limit point prediction
  • Training in animal experimentation
  • Heart rate quickly accessible without anesthesia
  • Longitudinal effects on cardiorespiratory function

Safety Pharmacology & Toxicology

Accelerate your decision process

  • Small molecules or biological compounds
  • Active metabolites with long kinetics
  • Early or pre-regulatory phase
  • TOX-repro (juvenile minipigs)

Signals monitored


  • R peaks detection
  • R-R intervals (mS)
  • Heart Rate (bpm)
  • PQRST delineation
  • QT, ST Intervals calculation


  • Respiratory Cycle Time
  • Respiratory rate (bpm)
  • Tidal volume (Ua or mL)
  • Inspiratory – Expiratory time (sec)
  • Minute Volume (Ua/min or mL/min)


  • Activity index (mG)

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