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In-vivo Research and Education are areas of interests covered by Etisense solution.
The solution can help you either for your studies involving cardiac and respiratory monitoring on pathological models, monitoring of vital functions or behavioural assessments, or as an educational tool to train your students to laboratory animal experimentation.

Cardiorespiratory Monitoring on Pathological Models


There is an increased demand for animal models addressing cardiovascular, pulmonary or neurologic diseases, but the creation of chronic disease conditions requires continuous welfare assessment.

Some animal models involving rats have the potential to cause pain, suffering, distress and lasting harm to the animals involved. Such models are typically classified in legislation (e.g. the European Directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes (2010/63/EU)) as moderate or severe procedures.

DECRO telemetric jacket is a valuable and relevant tool to monitor cardiorespiratory parameters when developing pathological models by preserving model integrity and evaluating potentially damageable phenotypes. Such external telemetry solution can also be used for longitudinal studies where the subjects are recorded on successive experiment days, or when subjects are particularly fragile and cannot tolerate surgery or anesthesia.

Fields of applications:

  • Cardiac, respiratory, neurological, metabolic (diabetes, obesity) pathological models
  • Metabolic or cardiac diseases requiring animal effort*
  • Pharmacological studies in pathological models
  • Fragile models that do not tolerate implantation surgery
  • Phenotyping of new research models

* Internal data

Monitoring of Vital Functions and Behavioral Assessment

Biosignals Respiratory Cardiac Activity Monitoring

When designing a protocol, efforts must be deployed to monitor, limit or avoid any animal suffering, and if suffering is unavoidable, human endpoints should be monitored. This is important for ethical, scientific, and legal reasons.

DECRO telemetric jacket, which is completely non-invasive and non-restraining, offers the possibility to monitor human endpoints based on the automatic surveillance of essential cardiorespiratory endpoints during a surgery and during the critical time period following a surgery or following the installation of a specific condition.

In addition, this solution can be used in integrative physiology investigations as well as in universities’ physiology training programs to prepare tomorrow’s researchers to the new animal research environment.

Fields of applications:

  • Per and post-surgery monitoring, including when back in the housing cage
  • Human endpoints prediction and evidence-based severity assessment
  • Behavioural: spontaneous activity, chronobiology…
  • Training to laboratory animal experimentation

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