Etisense awarded by EIT Health Headstart project to accelerate DECRO® access to market

Etisense is one of the 15 French projects selected for the Headstart Funding Programme in France.

« We are honored to have been selected by the French selection committee for Headstart support. This will help us prepare the launch of DECRO®, our 1st product, towards scientific community and first customers” says Corinne SIMON, CMSO of ETISENSE.

Part of our pre-launch plan in September/October was to be present at scientific & medical congresses in France and in Europe to introduce our product DECRO®, the first connected jacket able to perform combined cardiorespiratory monitoring in small mammals. EIT Health support has been instrumental to enhance our visibility at those events (i.e Booth, leaflets, etisense.com website update) 

As a result, ETISENSE participated to 2 congresses, the Safety and Pharmacology Society annual meeting in Barcelona (https://www.safetypharmacology.org ) and the AFSTAL national conference (https://www.colloque-afstal.com/2019/) in La Rochelle.

DECRO® was well received by the participants, thanks to its functionalities and its ability to refine the experimental procedures. DECRO® jacket has also been awarded during the AFSTAL congress by the Chantal Autissier price dedicated to an action or a technic promoting ethics and animal well-being.

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