Non Invasive Jacketed Telemetry in Socially-Housed Rats for a Combined Assessment of Respiratory System, Electrocardiogram and Activity Using the DECRO System

1-month toxicology study done in collaboration with Charles River Laboratory team now published!

Etisense is very pleased announce that the article entitled “Non-Invasive Jacketed Telemetry in Socially-Housed Rats for a Combined Assessment of Respiratory System, electrocardiogram and Activity Using the DECRO System”, reflecting a study conducted with the Charles River teams on the use of the solution in a repeat-dose study, is now officially published in the Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods. The full paper is available free of charge until 1 September here. 

Study: conducted at Charles River Lyon France Safety Assessment Facilities to determine the tolerability and the integrity of DECRO used in pair-housed rats. Repeated sessions of 22 hours each simulating the inclusion of safety pharmacology endpoints in a 1-month toxicology study with administration of a reference compound inducing cardiorespiratory changes (Baclofen – GABAB receptor agonist).
Main results: Jacket was well tolerated, resistant to deterioration. It allowed the accurate recording, in a non-invasive manner, of cardiorespiratory parameters and activity level in freely moving pair-housed rats. Expected respiratory and activity depressant effects of baclofen recorded.
Perspectives: DECRO system could be an alternative to safety pharmacology core battery WBP studies to evaluate acute respiratory effects of a candidate compound. Beyond strict regulatory use, the combination of the ECG, respiration and spontaneous activity measurements in freely moving rats can be relevant for early safety assessment and tolerability studies.

You can consult this publication for free until September 1st here.

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