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First results of juvenile minipigs studied with DECRO® jacket available

Looking to expand DECRO® jacket beyond rats, Etisense has partnered with Charles River scientists to develop a solution that allows the monitoring of cardiorespiratory signals and activity level of neonate juvenile minipigs.

A first feasibility study was performed in 2019. The aim was to evaluate the proof of dressing neonate minipigs and record quality ECG and RIP signals for physiological measures. Preliminary results were published at the “Birth Defect Research and Prevention” annual conference in 2020.

A second and larger study has been performed last fall, with the support of Ellegaard Fundation. Results are available in the article below.

The paper reports physiological and pharmacological results, but also confirms minipigs can keep the jacket for 48 hours in socialised conditions from the 1st week of life, with no impact on growth or behaviour.

"We have put a lot of efforts in R&D to reach a satisfactory jacket solution for these very energetic, rapidly growing animals."

These studies help us finalise a new jacketed monitoring solution for your in-vivo studies on larger animals, which should be available in the near future.

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