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REPLAY WEBINAR – How to assess cardiorespiratory function and activity level in freely-moving rats, easily and rapidly?

The replay of our webinar that took place on March 25, is now available for review. It’s the opportunity to catch-up if you’ve missed it.

This webinar is of particular interest if

  • You’re involved in animal research and believe that in nonclinical research, animal welfare is the cornerstone of relevant, high quality data.
  • You’re engaged in early non-GLP discovery pharmacology testing to help you progress from discovery through ICH.
  • You’re interested in the detection of cardiovascular-respiratory dependencies to help define mechanisms of action.

We wanted to bring to your attention an alternative method for collecting cardiorespiratory physiological data that address both ethical and scientific concerns in a simple way.

Discover DECRO’s connected jacket possibilities and illustrations of use cases during the replay of the webinar session hosted by Timothé FLENET, Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director and Corinne SIMON, Business Executive at ETISENSE.

This will only last 45 minutes, and could ultimately help you save time and resources in your daily activities

For any questions, demonstration or quotation request, please send us a message via the contact page of the website or directly by email at

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