The External Telemetry Hardware

The Bluetooth Emitter and the Acquisition System: the intelligence of DECRO®

The emitter houses the electronics for collecting three biosignals and features the latest generation of low-energy Bluetooth radio module for data transmission. We’ve made every effort to miniaturize these electronics and reduce the weight borne by the animal, without compromising signal quality or device autonomy.

The acquisition system contains our proprietary software and receives the biosignals send by the emitter thanks to the Bluetooth which has been designed to comply with industrial ElecroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements. It is a complete plug-and-play experience, without harassing setup or license management on every user’s computer.

High performance Bluetooth low-energy

Robust radio module and advanced protocol to prevent data loss with data buffering capability of several seconds and automatic acquisition resume in case of disconnection

No cross-talk of signals

No cross-talk of signals during multiple animal recording, allowing several devices in the same cage and room

Transmission range up to 10m

The emitter has a transmission range up to 10m in open field. The acquisition unit needs to be in the same room

The Bluetooth communication protocol embedded in our solution has been extensively tested in multiple situations and has demonstrated its reliability.

Charles Eynard, CTO at Etisense

Emitter main features

Embeds 3 physiological sensors

The emitter embeds a high-resolution ECG (24 bits, 500Hz), a high-resolution respiratory inductive plethysmography (32 bits, 200Hz), and a 3D accelerometer (16 bits).

Optimized weight (15g) and ergonomics

The emitters, with its battery, only weighs 15g and the ergonomics is optimized to allow the animals to express their normal behaviour.

USB rechargeable batteries

The emitter is provided with two USB rechargeable and replaceable batteries. They are reusable without repackaging.

Acquisition systems main features


DECRO Start and Advanced range

Plug & Play solution

Robust hardware and small footprint