DECRO® jacket: a soft, stretch but resistant jacket for an optimal acceptance by the animals

DECRO Jacket is one of the main components of the solution. Firstly developed in rats, it is now available for multiple species. The jacket has benefited from extensive R&D work before reaching the current model, and has been extensively tested in different facilities and on animals from different strains, single housed but also socially-housed with cage-mates.

Simple and rapid

Only 10mn are necessary to equip an animal. To facilitate the dressing, we have designed a “dressing tube” that looks like an enrichment element in which the rat naturally wants to enter. The use of this dressing helper is not mandatory and may vary from one specie to another

reusable jacket

1 jacket, 1 animal, 1 study

Jackets are reusable on the same animal for several days, until the size does not fit anymore. You may need jackets of 2 sizes for a long study. This could depend on the age of your animals or possible weight variations

data jacket telemetry Cardiac Respiratory Activity Monitoring

External data

The jacket protects the external ECG electrodes and allows the recording of plethysmographic respiratory signals thanks to its 2 RIP bands (thorax and abdomen)

Dressing Tool jacket emitter and electrodes

Hold the Bluetooth emitter

The jacket contains the Bluetooth emitter in its backpack, maintained with a hook. The ergonomics of the emitter has been tested to be the least disturbing for the animal’s movements

animal welfare 3Rs

Animal Welfare

Animals are unrestrained and can express normal behaviour while being equipped with the jacket. Rats can wear the jacket continuously for periods of 48 hours

Different models are available from syrian hamster (150g) to juvenile minipigs (below 3kgs)


Animals DECRO

Users’ testimonies

"I've dressed many rats with DECRO jacket, both males and females animals of various weight. The learning curve is quick. It's very intuitive."
Alexia B.
Preclinical research
"Even in social housing, I've not observed any strong attempt from animals to damage the jacket of the others." 
Erwan D.
Research assistant

You have a project with another specie we can study?