Jacketed External Telemetry Solution

A non-invasive solution to monitor, easily and rapidly, physiological functions of freely-moving, socially-housed animals

DECRO® is the next generation of Jacketed External Telemetry to monitor cardiac and respiratory function, plus activity index in a non-invasive and unrestrained way. In its current version, it is designed for multiple laboratory animals, from 220g (rats) to 35kg (minipigs), for which a technology capable of delivering rapid and robust endpoints is lacking.

All the components of the solution are generic and non species specific. Only instrumented jackets have to be selected according to the studied species.

The solution allows to monitor from 1 to 8 animals simultaneously per system.

DECRO®, from sensors to physiological results

DECRO solution Jacket Emitter ECG Respiratory Activity Monitoring

General concept of the DECRO solution whatever the species

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