External Telemetry Solution

A non-invasive solution to monitor, easily and rapidly, physiological functions of freely-moving, socially-housed small animals

DECRO® is the next generation telemetric device to monitor cardiac and respiratory function, plus spontaneous activity in a non-invasive and unrestrained way. In its first version, it is designed for small laboratory animals, from 150g to 3kg, for which a technology capable of delivering rapid and robust endpoints is lacking.

The solution is composed of a unique connected jacket embedding respiratory inductive plethysmography (RIP) sensors and protecting external ECG electrodes, a high-performance Bluetooth emitter and a plug & play, small footprint acquisition server and acquisition units, on which is executed our proprietary software.

The solution allows to monitor from 1 to 8 animals simultaneously per system.

DECRO®, from sensors to physiological results

DECRO solution Jacket Emitter ECG Respiratory Activity Monitoring

Available to monitor up to 8 animals per system


Simplify and accelerate studies of cardiorespiratory function and spontaneous activity in socially-housed animals

  • Only 10mn to equip an animal and start recording physiological signals
  • Seamless experience with Plug&Play solution
  • Several equipped animals can be recorded in the same home cage
  • Automatic detection and analysis of signals with the software

Combine end-points to save time and resources

  • Combine studies (i.e safety end-points in toxicology studies) to accelerate decisions
  • More parameters from a single animal and study
  • Animals can be their own control

Refine your in-vivo studies

  • No anesthesia, no post-surgery recovery
  • Freely-moving animals in their housing-cage
  • Minimized stress for more relevant data

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