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External ECG recording

An access to a good quality external ECG without surgery or anesthesia is now possible with the DECRO solution. The software automatically analyses a comprehensive panel of ECG derived parameters including interval calculations for conduction assessment.

Despite the rat is not the best model to study ECG morphology, especially QT interval, it remains an important model to study heart rate, intervals and variability. Other species such as minipig or guinea pig also available with DECRO could provide relevant alternatives to conduction studies usually carried out the in larger mammals.

The solution is capable of recording a low noise and high resolution (24 bits) Electrocardiogram (ECG) using external pack electrodes placed in a LEAD I configuration on the left and right flanks of the animal after local clipping. The electrodes are protected by the jacket.

ECG is recorded at 500 Hz and exhibits low noise levels with QRS complexes. The software provides built-in 50 Hz noise removal filters, automatic cardiac cycle detection and heart rate calculation.

Physiological parameters calculated

Cycle to cycle:

  • R-R intervals (ms)
  • R peak Amplitude
  • Heart rate (bpm)


  • P,QRS,T delineation
  • QT, QTc, ST, PR intervals calculation
  • Waterfall view

Automatic event detection:

  • R peaks automatic detection
  • T wave and Pwave delineation (Ton, Tend, T, Pon, P, Pend)
  • Q and S placement

Example of ECG signal recorded on an animal at rest

An example of ECG, Cardiac Rate and activity signal

The ECG signal above is recorded during a resting phase from an adult Sprague Dawley male rat, dressed with DECRO jacket. The figure displays from top to bottom the ECG signal (lead II configuration ECG) with R-R intervals detected, instantaneous heart rate and activity level reflecting resting phase over 10 seconds.

Advanced ECG analysis module

Advanced ECG analysis module is an additional functionality available on our software. It is available for rats and minipigs and soon for additional species.

What are the main additional features?

  • Automatic delineation of fiducial points (P, Q, R, S, T…)
  • Automatic calculation of ECG intervals (PR, QRSi, STi, QTi) and segments (PRs and STs)
  • Several QT corrections formulas available
  • Score (% of exploited signal)

Example of time course of ECG patterns and QRS, QT intervals on a rat

Example of waterfall of ECG course on a juvenile minipig

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