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External ECG recording

An access to a good quality external ECG without surgery or anesthesia is now possible with the DECRO jacketed external telemetry solution. It enables the external monitoring and recording of the heart’s electrical activity, providing access to high-quality electrocardiogram (ECG) data with low noise and high resolution (24 bits) and sampling rate (500 Hz).

Using surface electrodes, placed on the animal’s previously sheared skin, in a single LEAD configuration (I, II or III) and protected by the jacket, the animals remain freely-moving and socially housed.

Despite the rat is not the best model to study ECG morphology, especially QT interval, it remains an important model to study heart rate, intervals and variability. Other species such as minipig or guinea pig, also available with DECRO, could provide relevant alternatives to conduction studies usually carried out the in larger mammals.

Physiological parameters calculated


  • R peaks and QRS complex automatic detection


  • R-R intervals (ms)
  • R peak amplitude (mv)
  • Heart rate (bpm)
  • Detection Score (% of exploited signal)

Example of ECG signal recorded on a rat

The ECG signal above is recorded during a resting phase from an adult Sprague Dawley male rat, dressed with DECRO jacket. The figure displays the ECG signal (lead II configuration ECG) with R peaks detected.

ecg br

New Module - ECG delineation module

ECG delineation module is an additional functionality available on our software.

It provides an automatic delineation of ECG’s characteristic points and waves on averaged ECG waveforms. It uses averaging algorithms to provide high rejection of noise in the signal as well as probabilistic approaches to provide robust localization of the beginning and end of P and T waves and QRS complex. Mathematical and individual QT correction are available directly in the module.

This new module is available on all product ranges, for all species.

Example of an ECG waterfall view in a Guinea Pig (10h)


What are the main additional features?


  • Automatic delineation of fiducial points (P, Q, R, S, T…)
  • Begin / end of P and T wave and QRS complex


  • Automatic calculation of ECG intervals (PR, QRSi, STi, QTi) and segments (PRs and STs)
  • Several QT corrections formulas available
  • Score (% of exploited signal)


  • 3D waterfall visualization
  • QTi / RRi Plot

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