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The DECRO® Solution is composed of 2 main products family: the telemetry systems and the jackets adapted to the chosen species

Acquisition platform Software Emitter
  • External Telemetry Systems (emitters and acquisition units) and associated Software to handle data acquisition and analysis. The solution is available in many configurations depending on your needs, to study from 1 single animal up to 8 in parallel.
  • Jackets and accessories, worn by the animals to enable biosignals to be recorded or used to equip them. This includes connected jackets, ECG electrodes and according to species, a dressing-tube.

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The DECRO solution is also available for rental*

DECRO Standard or Advanced can be rented for a period of time that could allow you:

  • To try & test the material in your environment for longer duration than a demo and in real life setting. The rental can be the solution to perform a qualification study for example.
  • To perform a stand-alone study involving few animals in parallel in a team where repeated usage is not yet established. This can be the case when studying new pathological models for example.
  • For a unique study such as a PhD need for example. A physiological burning question – a rapid and simple answer.
* DECRO Rental access is restricted to customers based in Europe.