Jackets and species

Jackets, fitting tubes and ECG electrodes

DECRO instrumented jackets are available in different sizes/models to fit a comprehensive panel of animals’ morphologies and weights. For rat and marmoset, jackets are provided with a fitting tube, designed to help handlers equipping the animals with the jacket. Its use is highly recommended for both species. 
All our jackets are compatible with the same telemetry system, emitters and software, whether they are of Start or Advanced range.

Let us know if you need a model not listed here or a custom version (other model or size).

Additional information

  • The instrumented jackets and the ECG electrodes have to be ordered at Etisense.
  • These products are the only ones compatible with the electronic emitter for collecting cardiorespiratory parameters.
  • They will be renewed in accordance with your studies and depending on the weight of your animals.
  • Price offers are established according to the quantities of jackets ordered. 
Mini pig Rat Mouse

Nude Jackets

You can also order “nude” jackets that don’t have connectors. The same range of products can be purchased. We simply need to tailor them to your specific projects and needs. For example, DECRO jackets can be used to protect cathethers or wounds from the animal . Contact us to talk about your specific requirement.

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