Telemetry Systems Catalog

An offer scalable at any stage

The solution has been designed to be simple and scalable. It can fit from small laboratories to complex industrial environments’ needs and budgets. DECRO is basically divided in two different ranges: the STANDARD solution and the ADVANCED one. 

Depending on the number of animals you need to study simultaneously, on the duration and the frequency of your studies, the Standard range or the Advanced range will be more appropriate. Answer the 3 questions below to determine which one seems best fit your needs:

How many animals would you need to monitor simultaneously?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 4
  • 6
  • 8
  • More than 8

In average, for how long would you need to monitor your animals?

  • Less than 6h
  • 6h
  • 12h
  • 24h
  • More than 24h

How often would the solution be used per year?

  • Few times
  • Regularly
  • Very often

Discover the solution that seems to best fit your needs: 

DECRO Advanced should be the solution you need if:

  • You need to monitor minimum 4, rather 8 or even more animals simultaneously
  • Your data recording tends long and you have numerous acquisition recording periods

The ADVANCED solution is composed of several acquisition units (1 per 2 animals) placed in the experimentation / housing room. Those units are designed to work together and seamlessly under the control of an acquisition server. The acquisition server centralizes all the data collected and let you view data and control the acquisition either locally or even from a remote location. ADVANCED range systems come with high computational power to fasten (>x10) and parallelize analysis, extended storage allowing larger dataset acquisition, data redundancy and security features.

DECRO Standard should be the solution you need if:

  • You need to monitor between 1 and 2 animals in parallel

  • Your data recording tends short and you have few acquisition recording periods
A Standard solution comes as a trolley case containing 1 or 2 acquisition units (depending on the number of animals you need: 1 per 2 animals). If there are 2 units, one will act as the master and control the other in a transparent way for you. They are linked together and connected to your computer via an Ethernet cable (LAN) or your local network.  It’s a plug and play system you just need to connect the cables, open your computer and launch a web browser.

Note that your investment choice will not be definitive. Hardware’s across DECRO® solutions can be reused to allow scale-up of an existing setup. In practice, it means you can start with a STANDARD x2 and upgrade it later towards an ADVANCED x4, x6 or x8 by adding acquisition units, emitters and a more powerful server.

Whatever the chosen solution, Etisense can provide additional support such as Data Analysis Support, to help you analyse data by our experts once you’ve studied your animals. We can also help you design protocols and/or give advices in signals analysis.