Telemetry Systems Catalog

A solution built as a platform, adapting to your specific needs

DECRO solutions have been designed to be easy and rapid to set up. The systems can fit from academic laboratories to complex industrial environment’s needs and budgets. Built as a platform, our solutions can seamlessly cover multiple species and incorporate additional features, without changing any hardware (emitters, acquisitions units and analysis server) or software. Only the appropriate jacket for the species must be selected.

DECRO is available in 2 different ranges which can be chosen according to the number of animals to study simultenously and the nature of the studies:

Note that your investment choice will not be definitive. Hardware’s across DECRO solutions can be reused to allow scale-up of an existing setup. In practice, it means you can start with a Start 2 and upgrade it later towards an Advanced 4, or 8 by adding analysis server, acquisition units, emitters…

DECRO, an all-in-one solution to record physiological signals

The DECRO jacketed external telemetry solutions monitor and record cardiorespiratory function and activity index in up to 8 animals simultaneously. Researchers can quickly and easily connect the system to their animals and start monitoring their vital signs in real-time. The software remains the same for both ranges and can support several analyzers’ modules for the different physiological signals recorded with the jackets.

These modules have been developed to automatically locate physiological events (such as R-peaks, end of inspiration, etc.) and calculate derived physiological parameters (such as heart and respiratory rate). Analyzer modules come with selectable preconfigured parameters for the different species available with the solution. These parameters can be tuned if specific configuration is required.

Analyzer modules automatically included in the software:

ECG analyzer module

It automatically detects QRS complex in the ECG signal, providing a very robust cardiac cycle detection, and calculates cycle to cycle derived parameters.  

RIP analyzer module

It provides an automatic identification of respiratory cycles in the RIP signals, calculates for each cycle standard volume and timing derived respiratory parameters and provides automatic allometric and manual calibration features.

Activity analyzer module

It automatically calculates acceleration derived parameters allowing to quantitatively assess the spontaneous or forced activity level in various environments (treadmill, home cage, etc.). 

Optionnal additional modules are also available: 

The ECG delineation analyzer module 

This analyzer provides an automatic delineation of ECG’s characteristic points and waves on averaged ECG waveforms. It uses averaging algorithms to provide high rejection of noise in the signal as well as probabilistic approaches to provide robust localization of the beginning and end of P and T waves and QRS complex. Mathematical and individual QT correction are available directly in the module.

This analyzer module is available on all product ranges and need to be ordered separately.

The audit trail module (GLP)

This module implements an audit trail for the system and the studies. This module is required in order to qualify the system in GLP environment and is compliant with GLP/21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

This module is available on the Advanced range only and need to be ordered separately.

Whatever the chosen solution, Etisense can provide additional support such as data analysis support, to help you analyze data by our experts once you’ve studied your animals. We can also help you with physiological data analysis or with experimental design, by providing scientific advices. 

The DECRO solution is also available for rental*

DECRO Standard or Advanced can be rented for a period of time that could allow you to try & test the material in your environment for longer duration than a demo and in real life setting. The rental can be the solution to perform a qualification study for example.

* DECRO Rental access is restricted to customers based in Europe.