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Cardiorespiratory connected jacket: for which applications can it be used?

Did you know that with DECRO®, the first connected jacket that monitors cardiorespiratory parameters without surgery or constraints in rats, a broad range of applications is possible?

With the solution, you can easily and rapidly:

  • Monitor physiological parameters (cardiac and respiratory rate) of your animals during a surgery or during the post-op period. The solution can be used on anesthetized animals.
  • Equip rats and make them exercise on treadmill. You’ll be able to get information during effort or during recovery.
  • Study the safety and pharmacological effect of drug candidates on cardiorespiratory function. The solution has been tested with reference compounds with success.
  • Follow cardiorespiratory parameters in rats exposed to hypoxia, or myocadiac ischemia for example, without implanting.
  • Study the cardiorespiratory and behavior (activity) evolution of animals submitted to environmental changes and/or sources of stress.

What would be yours? 

We would love to hear about your specific case!

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