REPLAY WEBINAR – Marmoset and rat species: how can jacketed telemetry support your non-clinical studies?

Did you miss our webinar? The replay is the opportunity to catch up!

ETISENSE and ERBC have jointly organized a webinar on January 30, co-hosted by Timothé FLENET, CEO and Scientific Director of ETISENSE and Raafat FARES, Scientific Director of ERBC.

This replay is the opportunity to learn more about the way we can support your non-clinical studies with innovative 3Rs non-invasive technologies and models. Several topics have been discussed, such as:

  • Integration of safety pharmacology parameters into toxicology studies in Marmoseta small Non-Human Primate.
  • Application of “3R principles” in core battery safety pharmacology studies: reduction of animal use and refinement of procedures using jacketed external telemetry.
  • Simultaneous central nervous system and respiratory system assessment using jacketed external telemetry in socially housed rats.

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