mat rat decro test effort

DECRO® use case – Using exercise to measure and modify cardiac and pulmonary function

Exercise is the archetype of physiologic demands placed on the cardiovascular system. Acute responses provide an informative assessment of cardiovascular function, while repeated exercise promotes cardiovascular health and secondary prevention.

The study of cardiorespiratory function in small mammals subjected to more or less intense physical exercises is now possible with the DECRO solution.

Immediately after dressing, the rat can start exercises on a treadmill as shown on the picture below.

mat rat decro test effort

Male Wistar rat dressed with DECRO connected jacket during an habituation session on treadmill 

DECRO cardiorespiratory jacket, thanks to its external ECG, will provide information regarding cardiac function evolution after repeated exercises cycles. It will also provide additional information on pulmonary adaptation to these training sessions, giving access to complete picture of cardiorespiratory mechanisms involved in exercise adaptation.

DECRO can also help you study the pharmacological effects of drug candidates on rats with specific phenotypes such as Zucker Rats for example.

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