News: DECRO Solution passed GLP qualification at one CRO !

GLP qualification
Preclinical safety, pharmacology and toxicology studies are an essential part of drug development, as they help assess the potential safety and toxicity of a candidate-drug before it is tested in human clinical trials. 
Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) is a system of management controls for non-clinical research studies (21 CFR Part 58) involving animals to ensure consistency, reliability, the reproducibility, quality and integrity of data collected during in-vivo tests. 
We are very pleased to announce that ETISENSE now provides solutions to meet the needs of GLP or non-GLP safety pharmacology, enabling effective data collection and analysis, comply with ICH requirements and cover your in vivo applications whether for respiratory function studies, ECG or certain CNS assessments, for various species. 

We would like to thank our partner the C.R.O ERBC-Group in France, with whom we were able to set up all the prerequisites to pass this qualification for their safety-toxicology studies in rats and marmousets.

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