ON-DEMAND WEBINAR – “DECRO jacketed telemetry – Expand home cage monitoring with functional cardiorespiratory digital biomarkers”

Tecniplast's educational 24/7 Tech-Talk Series!

Stefano Gaburro, from Tecniplast, had the privilege of organizing a series of Tech-Educational Talks on the common theme of Home Cage Monitoring. It was a great opportunity for Timothé Flenet, CEO and Scientific Director of ETISENSE to present the technology of cardiorespiratory monitoring applicable to cage-based monitoring in small mammals.

A pioneer in the field of non-invasive monitoring technologies, Timothé’s work has been instrumental in revolutionizing how we monitor animals in their home cages, offering invaluable insights without the stress of traditional methods. 

Why You Can’t Miss this On-Demand session: 

  • Exclusive Insights: Dive deep into the workings of the DECRO system, and how it’s setting new standards in the field. 
  • Q&A: Have a look on questions answered directly by Timothé. 
  • Community Building: Join fellow researchers and enthusiasts in pushing the envelope of ethical research. 

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